Our Story

In education research, relevance and utility often take a back seat to tradition and rigor. Researchers at Plus Alpha Research & Consulting, LLC are all former policymakers and practitioners in the K-16 education field. Thus, researchers at Plus Alpha bring real-world experience balanced with research expertise. Our hands-on practicality ensures that we design and conduct scientifically rigorous studies with practical relevance to policymakers and practitioners. We often serve as translators of prior research, designers and leaders of new research, and facilitators of future research and policy.

Plus Alpha Research & Consulting, LLC is a certified small woman- and minority-owned business that provides a full spectrum of research and consulting services to build the capacity of education systems and organizations working to improve outcomes for children and youth. We support and promote teaching and learning excellence in the K-16 education community by providing research and evaluation, technical assistance, and capacity building services of the highest quality. We ensure that our clients have the insights needed to make solid leadership decisions based on methodologically sound research.

In partnership with our clients, we design optimal studies for continual improvement and program development that can be executed with fidelity. We bring rigorous quantitative and qualitative expertise to bear on pressing issues facing our educational system today. As educators and researchers accustomed to working within school systems, we understand the importance of designing and implementing studies that fit with school schedules and connect with school systems to ensure consent and buy-in. We routinely deliver evaluations, feasibility studies, fidelity studies, impact studies, instruments and protocols, literature reviews, reports (e.g., briefs, public, research, evaluation, technical, and state and federal), research syntheses, and study designs (i.e., rigorous and scientific).

Our forte is in combining our educator and policymaker experience with our expertise in conducting rigorous research. We excel in collecting data in school settings. Researchers at Plus Alpha are highly effective in collecting qualitative data from district and school leaders, policymakers, and teachers because we create instruments that are focused and parsimonious to fit the needs of a study and fit the time constraints of school leaders and educators. We are highly adaptable and flexible to meet the requirements of district procedures and the scheduling demands of school leaders and educators. We are also highly collaborative where we see school leaders and educators as partners in improving educational outcomes for all students.